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    SOMSO Female Sexual Organs Model

    SOMSO Female Sexual Organs Model - MS5-2

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    Item #: MS5-2


    SOMSO Female Sexual Organs Model

    Acccording to Mrs. Angelika Beck
    This model has been developed to promote the knowledge of female anatomy gained in light of current research. This model has been produced in co-operation with biologists, sex educationalists, sex therapists, sexual researchers, gynaecologists and urologists.
    Individual organs are colour coded for easy identification
    Green: Ovaries, fallopian tubes, womb (uterus) and vagina
    Yellow, orange, pink and blue: Bladder, urethra, female prostate, clitoris, vestibular bulbs - capillary tissue which swells during arousal
    Pink: Intestine and pelvic floor
    Life size model, made of SOMSO-Plast®.
    Height 23cm, Width 49cm, Weight 2.5 kg

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