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SOMSO Nose - 5 parts

SOMSO Nose - 5 parts

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SOMSO Nose - 5 parts

Enlarged approx. 3 times, made in SOMSO-Plast®. Especially instructive double model to make clear the complicated structure of bones and the nasal cavity covered by mucous membrane. Different colouring of the individual cartilages and bone elements. The nasal concha can be removed (entry to the ethmoidal labyrinth visible). The right model shows the nasal septum (removable), the relief of mucous membrane of the nasal cavity with the three nasal passages and nasal conchae, the middle concha can be removed so that the olfactory nerve and olfactory lobe can be seen. Altogether in 5 parts. On a green base plate.

Height: 38 cm., width: 72 cm., depth: 8 cm., weight: 5.8 kg

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