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Deluxe IV Training Arm - Simulaids

IV Training Arm | IV Training Arm Simulator | IV Arm Trainer | Deluxe IV Training Arm
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Deluxe IV Training Arm - Simulaids

Deluxe IV Injection Training Arm 120

Simulaids NEW full IV Injection Training Arm gives unlimited access to the major veins in the arm and hand, and a deltoid IM injection site.

Deluxe IV Injection Training Arm allows students to practice various area skills (all on the same arm):
  • Antecubital
  • basilic sites
  • cephalic sites coupled with the dorsal metacarpal veins

The IM site contains a foam pad designed to be squeezed out and dried to facilitate multiple uses. Unit includes blood reservoirs and a supply of blood. Inexpensive skin, veins, and injection site can be easily replaced in the field.


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