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Skin Section Model 70 times full-size Skin Section Model, 70 times full-size

Item # J10

Price: $120.00
On Sale: $101.00
skin section model 40 times full-size Skin Section Model, 40 times full-size

Item # J11

Price: $95.00
On Sale: $80.00
Skin block model enlarged 70 times Skin, Block Model, 70 times full-size

Item # J13

Price: $365.00
On Sale: $308.00
Skin Microscopic Structure Model, Hair Microscopic Structure Model, Nail Microscopic Structure Model Skin, Hair and Nail Microscopic Structures

Item # J14

Price: $82.00
On Sale: $69.00
Denoyer Geppert Human Skin with Burn Pathologies Model A942 Skin Series With Burn Pathologies, 75x Magnified (0185-00)

Item # DGA942

Price: $536.00
On Sale: $493.00
Skin Cancer Model, Skin Pathology Model Skin Cancer Model

Item # J15

Price: $79.00
On Sale: $67.00
Skin Section Model with 3 Parts Skin Model, 3 parts, Enlarged 80 Times

Item # J16

Price: $279.00
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