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    Somso Model showing germination

    Somso Model showing germination - BoS15-7

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    Item #: BOS15-7


    Somso Model showing germination

    Separable SOMSO plant models - an ever expanding collection. Nearly every botanical SOMSO model has been developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. W. Weber.

    A collection for comparing the germination of rye (10 times enlarged), bean (5 times enlarged), and fir (20 times enlarged). In SOMSO-Plast®. After Prof. Dr. W. Jung and Prof. Dr. W. Weber. The model clearly demonstrates that: 1. the rye (Sec-ale cereale) seed pushes up from the soil a green shoot (single shoot - monocotyle plant), 2. the bean (Phaesolus vulgaris) first appears as a two leaved shoot (leaved shoot - dicotyle plant) and 3. the shoots of the fir (Picea excelsa) appear from the earth first throwing out their star-shaped leaves. Model separates into 8 parts. On a green base with key.

    Height: 37 cm., width: 54 cm., depth: 14 cm., weight: 3.7 kg

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