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    Adult Spine Phantom for Ultrasound, MRI and CT Applications

    Adult Spine Phantom for Ultrasound, MRI and CT Applications - TPS-SE-A01


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    Adult Spine Phantom for Ultrasound, MRI and CT Applications

    Our Adult Spine phantom (SE-A01) is a complete ‘average human sized spine’ consisting 25 individual vertebrae assembled on top of each other. It is majorly composed of the following components.
    • The Cervical vertebrae (C1 to C7)
    • The thoracic vertebrae (T1 to T12)
    • The lumbar vertebrae (L5 L1A)

    It can be further customized by adding an empty spinal canal behind the vertebrae that can be filled with water for ultrasound applications. Another option would be to have a spinal canal filled with a fake spinal cord for medical imaging applications. All our phantoms are compatible with ultrasound, X-ray CT and MRI. Upon request, the spine phantom can be installed/embedded inside a body mimicking tissue such as, thorax and torso for various sonography & radiology applications.

    The Phantom is designed based on average human anatomy and it is made out of realistic patented bone material that is suitable for Ultrasound, MRI and CT applications. It can be used for medical imaging research & treatment planning of various medical procedures. (Upon request, it can be modified for a lumbar or spine lumbar practice phantom with soft tissue-mimicking material surrounded to it)

    The vertebrae’s have a realistic three-layered structure and the inner porosity can be adjusted according to the requirement of the particular project.

    Radiology images are not included. Available upon request at an additional cost.

    Spine for R&D
    Type of the tissues: Sound velocity [m/s] Density
    [Shore 00]
    Speckles Attenuation measured
    at 2.25 MHz [dB/cm]
    Cortical bone material used to fabricate the bone phantom 3000 ± 30 2.31 N/A N/A N/A 6.4 ± 0.3
    Trabecular bone material used to fabricate the bone phantom 2800 ± 50 2.03 N/A N/A N/A 21 ± 2
    Thermal Conductivity: Volumetric Specific Heat Capacity: Thermal Diffusivity: Thermal Resistivity: Specific Heat: Speed of Sound:
    0.776 W/ m K 1.040 MJ/ m^3 K 0.746 mm^2/ s 1.289 m K/ W 0.978 J/ g Deg Celsius 3070 m/s Is Trusted By