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Stomach with Ulcers

Stomach with Ulcers K17
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Stomach with Ulcers

This 3B Scientific® stomach pathology model demonstrates various stages of gastritis from a light gastric ulcer to a perforation. The stomach section with esophagus and duodenum attachment in half life size shows the following pathological changes of the stomach:
  • Erythematous gastritis
  • Erosive gastritis
  • Hemorrhagic gastritis
  • Healing stage with scar formation
  • Atrophic gastritis
  • Hypertrophic gastritis
  • Bleeding ulcer
  • Perforated ulcer

An additional relief model of the enlarged stomach wall shows:
  • Healthy mucous membrane
  • Acute gastritis in the antral area
  • Erosive gastritis with mucous membrane defects
  • Bleeding ulcer (eroded muscularis mucosae)
  • Perforated ulcer (all stomach layers eroded)
  • Stomach with ulcers mounted on a base for display in the classroom or doctors office. Is Trusted By