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Large Ear Model, 15x full-size, 3-part

The Worlds Largest Ear Model, 15 times full-size, 3-part VJ510
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The World's Largest Ear Model, 15 times full-size, 3-part

At 15 times life-size, this 3-part human ear model is suitable for museums and special collections as well as large lecture halls and conferences.

The giant ear model represents:
  • the outer
  • the middle
  • and the inner ear

For more detailed anatomy study, the following parts are removable from the Giant Ear Model:
  • the auditory ossicles
  • the labyrinth with cochlea
  • and vestibulocochlear nerve

Giant Ear Model is mounted on base.

Giant Ear Model Dimensions & Weight:
  • 130x120x60 cm / 52 x 48 x 24 Inches
  • 72 kg / 158.4 Lbs

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