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Medical Imaging Phantoms

We carry a wide range of medical imaging phantoms for ultrasound examination training, MRI and CT Scan applications. We provide medical imaging phantoms to cover several applications as Quality Assurance Phantoms, Breast Ultrasound Phantoms, Abdomen Ultrasound Phantoms, Fetus Ultrasound Phantoms, Ultrasound CVC Insertion, Female Pelvic Ultrasound Phantom, Ultrasound PICC Simulators and more.

Our medical imaging phantoms are a great educational tool to teach how to use ultrasound transducers, mri phantoms and ct scan applications, and how to recognize organs and understand the human anatomy, with normal scenarios and abnormal lesions. These medical imaging phantoms have been developed to simulate precise training to healthcare professionals and students.
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Breast Phantom Simulator | Breast Ultrasound Phantom Simulator | Simulator for Breast Ultrasound Breast Ultrasound Phantom Simulator

Item # S230.52

Price: $770.00
On Sale: $619.00
3B Scientific SONOtrain Vein Model SONOtrain™ Vein Model

Item # P120

Price: $517.00
On Sale: $437.00
Adult Human Skull Phantom for Calibration and Training Adult Human Skull Phantom for Calibration and Training

Item # TPS-SL-A01

Price: $4,260.00
On Sale: $3,969.00
True Phantom Standard Adult Human Brain Phantom for Multipurpose Applications Standard Adult Brain Phantom for Ultrasound, MRI and CT applications

Item # TPS-BN-A01

Price: $3,090.00
On Sale: $2,979.00
True Phantom Newborn Torso Phantom for MRI and Ultrasound Training Newborn Torso Phantom for Ultrasound and MRI Applications

Item # TPS-AN-N01

Price: $7,200.00
On Sale: $6,889.00 Is Trusted By