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Adult X-Ray Dental Manikin
X-Ray Dental Manikin | X-Ray Dental Chair Manikin | Simulation X-Ray Manikin | SB23463U | M-1974


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Item #: SB23463U


Adult X-Ray Dental Manikin

X-Ray Dental Manikin comes with a Radio-Opaque Jaw Assembled on a Chair Mount.

This x-ray dental manikin is designed to get film based radiography only. However, the internal anatomy and the nasal cavity are made on a plastic material that does not support digital radiography.

The radio-opaque jaw closes to simulate a bite while the rubber face skin remains open all the time.

This manikin includes:
- Radio-opaque metal teeth
- Chair mount
- Flexible finger for holding film
- Bite-opening instrument
- Latex tongue

Replacement available:
Skin Rubber Face

Replacements & Accessories
Replacement Skin Rubber Face for Dental Manikin
On Sale: $173.00
Simulation Manikin for Dental Chair - Skin Rubber Face Only Is Trusted By