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    Ambu® Man Basic CPR Manikin

    Ambu® Man Basic CPR Manikin - A268005000

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    Ambu® Man Basic CPR Manikin

    The Ambu Man Basic is a cost efficient training manikin that is designed to fulfill all requirements for the BLS algorithm training.

    The closed shaped torso with its anatomical correct landmarks allows trainees to learn and train the use of Automatic External Defibrillators (AED) and the placements of pads.

    The Ambu Man Basic allows an optimal training of chest compression in combination with realistic ventilation. The unique hygienic system prevents cross contamination. It allows a realistic ventilation resistance and expiration through mouth and nose.

    The correct compression depth and required ventilation volume can be monitored by the feedback indicator on the manikin.

    The Ambu Man Basic is also available as 4 Pack to enable group training.

    Realistic Ventilation
    The students will feel the realistic airway resistance and the chest will start rising when the head is correct tilted and air blown into the manikin. The Ambu Man Basic enables to look, listen and feel the ventilation as in real life.

    Cost efficient and reliable

    The Ambu Man Basic is made to be cost efficient and reliable for the BLS training.

    Class training

    For an easy transportation & set up possibility the Ambu Man Basic comes in a soft bag either packed as single manikin or in a set of four manikins.

    Key Features
    • Cost efficient BLS training manikin
    • Robust and reliable
    • Realistic training of chest compressions
    • Visualisation of the compression depth
    • Ambu Hygienic system für mouth-to-mouth and mouth-to-nose ventilation
    • Can be used for bag-mask ventilation
    • Placement of Guedel tubes (when using the Guedel face piece)
    • Realistic ventilation resistance
    • Visualisation of the correct ventilation volume
    • Visible chest rise during ventilation
    • Anatomical correct closed Torso
    • Easy AED training

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