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    Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy Skills Trainer™

    Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy Skills Trainerâ„¢ - VT0240


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    Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy Skills Trainer™

    The Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy Skills Trainer™ is a first-of-its kind simulator, designed with clinician input to replicate, teach and reinforce the skills needed to perform a posterior iliac crest bone marrow biopsy procedure. Incorporating a soft tissue-like skin shell with a pelvis and lower spine modeled from an actual female subject, the Bonnie trainer facilitates the palpation of boney landmarks to ensure proper biopsy needle placement.

    The trainer provides a realistic feel when puncturing the skin surface, while entering the iliac crest bone and during the extraction of simulated bone marrow samples. The innovative design also incorporates removable and replaceable inserts for the left and right iliac crest bones and the puncture site skin to allow for multiple training sessions.

    The Bonnie Bone Marrow Biopsy Skills Trainer can help your clinical staff gain valuable experience while building confidence and competence needed for safe biopsy procedures.

    • 0241 - Carrying Case with Strap
    • 0242 - Body skin shell
    • 0243 - Puncture site skin insert
    • 0246 - Right and Left Posterior Iliac Crest Bone Inserts (5 set)
    • 0244 - Tilt stand


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