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Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin
brayden pro cpr training manikin
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Brayden Pro CPR Training Manikin

Three indicator lights let students and instructors know if procedures are being performed correctly:
Blood Circulation Indicators - lights change speed to reflect the blood flow in proportion to compression depth, aiding in visualizing the blood flow from the heart to the brain
CPR Quality Indicators - these only light when the compression depth and speed coincide correctly with the given default value
Compression Indicators - depending on the CPR quality, indicators will light partially or completely; completely lit indicators indicate the procedure has been performed correctly; indicators are interrelated with the given default value of depth and compression speed prescribed in the 2010 CPR Guidelines

• Intuitive app and feedback screens provide real-time CPR feedback, including hands-off time and ventilation performance
• Offers a timeline of assessed performance measured through 8 key CPR metrics for quantitative analysis and debriefing
• Can be configured for AHA and ERC (2015) Guidelines
• Can be set for differing responder skill levels, 1 or 2 responder scenarios, and ventilation only or compression only
• Monitors up to 6 manikins
• Bluetooth® link connects manikin to app on Android tablet, allowing data to be exported Is Trusted By