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    Transparent Internal Jugular Central Line Ultrasound Training Manikin

    Transparent Internal Jugular Central Line Ultrasound Training Manikin - BPIJ500-C


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    Transparent Internal Jugular Central Line Ultrasound Training Manikin

    Blue Phantom’s brand new Transparent Ultrasound Central Line training model offers unsurpassed realism and a great start for students who are just beginning to learn ultrasound. Cast from an actual person, our unique LifeCast™ modeling technique provides the most realistic external landmarks while the internal anatomy is crafted with digital human files providing for the most realistic model available. The transparency of the tissue insert gives students and clinicians the opportunity to see the internal anatomical structures with their eyes as well as with ultrasound. This ultrasound training manikin includes all of the necessary anatomy to teach, learn and build the skills necessary for central line placement. Blue Phantom’s self-healing tissue is ultra-durable and minimizes the need for replacement parts, guaranteeing a low cost of ownership.


    Also available with Opaque Tissue.

    Helps clinicians bridge the learning gap by allowing them to see the internal anatomical structures with their eyes as well as with ultrasound imaging.

    We know that gaining proficiency in using ultrasound requires practice. Our self-healing tissue will allow you to repeatedly perform ultrasound guided central line placement procedures without giving second thought to wearing out the tissue or calculating the cost per cannulation. Whether you are learning to guide the needle to the targeted vessel or performing the entire ultrasound guided central catheter insertion procedure, you can expect unmatched durability from our tissue and vessels. This ultrasound training mannequin is constructed using Blue Phantom’s patented ultra-durable tissue and is extremely realistic in ultrasound imaging characteristics and feels like real human tissue. Our self-healing tissue will withstand tremendous use and will save you money by dramatically reducing the necessity for purchasing replacement parts.

    Anatomical realism that’s based on digital human files.

    Our transparent central line training model offers unparalleled realistic anatomy of the upper thorax and neck. This next generation ultrasound simulator contains vascular anatomy including the internal jugular vein (IJ), brachiocephalic vein, subclavian vein, axillary vein, carotid artery, subclavian artery and axillary artery. The points of access include inernal jugular (IJ), subclavian, infraclavicular and supraclavicular approach as well as access via the axillary vein. The simulated superior vena cava, right atrium and right ventricle offer users the ability to fully thread guidewires and catheters without resistance. The transparent central line manikin includes internal landmarks such as the trachea, suprasternal notch, manubrium, and clavicle.

    Arterial pulsation is simulated by the hand bulb, allowing users to differentiate between veins and arteries. Using ultrasound clinicians can see the pulsatility of the arteries for positive identification of the intended vessel. The veins in the transparent central line training model are also compressible by using mild pressure. The venous system is prefilled with blue fluid and the arterial system is prefilled with red fluid. Positive fluid flow in the vessels provides immediate feedback of successful or unsuccessful vascular access. Venous and arterial fluid removed during central line procedures can be easily refilled by using the convenient QuickFill™ ports or an I.V. bag to automatically refill the vessels during training.

    The transparency of central line tissue helps bridge the gap to understanding the three dimensional relationship between anatomical structures and flat plate anatomy. The Transparent Ultrasound Central Line Training manikin provides an excellent learning experience before advancing to our Flesh colored Ultrasound Central Line training model.

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