SmartMan BLS CPR PRO+ with Quality Control Module

SmartMan BLS CPR PRO+ with Quality Control Module

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SmartMan BLS CPR PRO+ with Quality Control Module

The Quality Control Module (QCI management) is designed to allow an oversight person such as an administrator, head of training, person responsible for quality control or researcher to have access to detailed training results. It provides for a cloud server where the data is stored. A stand alone software program allows access to the cloud from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Data results can be immediate or results can be put onto the server in groups once training is finished.

BLS + Quality Control Module
Accurate Evidence Based Training with Data:
You get the easy to use, at-a-glance feedback system proven to have people achieve competence. And besides all of the training features of SM201, it gives you the tools to analyse your CPR skill results from multiple sites.

Results Management:
The quality control module allows you to analyse your CPR results. You can chart trends, compare groups, look at historical changes, and relate scores to survival rates.

Validate Over Time:
Data can be examined live so you can verify it as it is being performed. This allows you to verify that what you want is being performed. It can be collated at a later time.

Assemble Data:

• Data Available Immediately
• Auto Send Data the Cloud
• Send Data Later
• Assign to Profession

Filter Data:

• Filter by Date, Activity, Key Code, or by Number of Attempts
• Assign Identiers After Results have been completed
• Exclude Specic Results

Export Data:

• Customized Filtered Data
• Create Dierent Data Sets
• Export Sub-Data Sets to Comma Delimited File
• Export Data with Comments

Modes of Use
Mode 1: Immediate Results Data

This allows a supervisor to see results being updated as they are done regardless of how distant the sites are. The training centers can be across the town, across the state or across the country. It provides a running tally on which places are performing and at what level. The supervisor has access to process that information as soon as the results are complete.

Mode 2: Collating Results Later

Often a supervisor is interested in viewing results information only at specific times. For example this might be at the end of each quarter or at the end of the year. In this case, the results from each training session and from each site need to be uploaded to the cloud before the supervisor can access them. Many place create a schedule for trainers to have the results uploaded.


  • PC computer not included.
  • Arms, Legs, IV Training Arm and IO Leg are available on demand.

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