Edema Foot With Tissue Injury for GERi™-KERi™, Light Skin

Edema Foot With Tissue Injury for GERi™-KERi™, Light Skin

Item # LF04084

Life/form® GERi™ and KERi™ Optional Edema Foot with Deep Tissue Injury, Light Skin Tone

Add realism while practicing patient assessment skills, including observation of swelling of the foot. Edema simulation can be practiced by pressing on the surface of the skin. The foot uses lifelike simulated tissue pads to demonstrate Stages 1+ through 4+, as well as a non-epitting stage of edema known as brawny edema. Pressing on the surface of the skin may leave an indentation that does not immediately rebound when pressure is released, or it may not indent under pressure, depending on which tissue pad is placed in the foot. A Deep Tissue Injury is also present on the heal. Includes a foot that easily attaches to any GERi™ or KERi™ Patient Care Manikin, five interchangeable pads representing one non-pitting stage and four pitting stages of edema, and an instruction key card.


Five-year warranty.

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