Oral Anesthesia Manikin Trainer with Light AND Sound Sensors

Oral Anesthesia Manikin Trainer with Light AND Sound Sensors

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Oral Anesthesia Manikin Trainer with Light AND Sound Sensors

Historically dental students have been trained in the skill of administering dental local anaesthesia by injecting oranges or each other before advancing to patients. In the increasingly litigious society we live in, dental anaesthesia is considered invasive treatment and no longer seen as a skill that should be learnt in such experimential conditions amongst dental students. This new local anesthesia manikin has been designed and manufactured with the help of our local experts, to provide a safe and realistic experience for dental professionals practicing local anaesthesia techniques.

The Oral Anesthesia Manikin Trainer with Light AND Sound Sensors provides a safe and realistic experience for students to practice local anesthesia techniques. The model consists of metal skull with flexible silicone face and mouth lining over an anatomically correct jaw with 28 permanent teeth, movable tongue, and jawbone with landmarks for placement of dry injection that can be visibly seen and palpated. Silicone will not show needle marks. Conduction sensors aid in practicing Gow Gates and Standard Mandibular block anesthesia. Local infiltration may also be administered in their respective regions. Electronic sensors for light and sound when the landmarks are touched by dry injection are included. The battery powered LED light on top of the manikin’s head indicates when the correct position and angle of injection is achieved by signaling a green light. Requires three “AAA” batteries (included).

The flexible silicone skin and mouth lining is an improvement from the fragile PVC used by other LA simulators. It forms one continuous piece with a movable tongue. This superior, durable silicone is similar to that used in artificial body parts and has a memory which allows the needle to pierce the silicone and be removed leaving no signs of insertion. Needle NOT included. You can use any dry needle.

Anaesthetic solution or any liquid is not to be used when practicing injection technique on this manikin as liquids can interfere with the electronic

Box Dimensions & Weight:
  • 16 x 12 x 10 in
  • 12 Lbs

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Ashley Hobbs (LA Course Director)
Excellent Simulator

This is an excellent simulator for dental hygiene student use! It is extremely life-like and it does not show previous injections. Great addition to our clinical activities. It increased student confidence in giving the IA injection. Would recommend for others.

by Columbia Dentoform   —   Item # SB50100U
Oral Anesthesia Manikin Trainer with Light AND Sound Sensors
$2,868.00 $2,956.00
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