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Left Breast Cancer Model, Life-like
Item # GP3401
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Uterus-Ovary Model with Pathologies
Item # GP3480
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Breast Cross Section Model with Pathologies
Item # GP3450
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Brain Model and Partial Skull
Item # GP2900
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Male Pelvis with Prostate Model
Item # GP3550
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Prostate Model - Enlarged Right Lobe
Item # GP3000
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Lung Set Model with Pathologies
Item # GP3110
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Skin Burn and Normal Skin Model
Item # GP3800
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TMJ Clear Skull Model with Muscles
Item # GP2880
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Full Size Normal Clear Ear
Item # GP2251
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Female Pelvis Cross-Section Model
Item # GP3500
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4-stage cross-section Bronchus Model
Item # GP3120
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Male Pelvis with 3D Prostate Frame
Item # GP3551
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4-pc Artery Model
Item # GP2650
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4-Stage Osteoarthritis Knee Model
Item # GP1100
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3 Mini Heart Set Models
Item # GP2550
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