Puerperal Uterus Palpation Training Model (Wearable type)

Puerperal Uterus Palpation Training Model (Wearable type)

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Puerperal Uterus Palpation Training Model (Wearable type)

This is a model that can be used to examine postpartum uterine involution, and can be worn by a person or a mannequin. The model represents the state of uterine involution up to 5 days postpartum. The model can be worn by a person to practice postpartum care, including communication training.

  • The abdominal wall is created from a special material to closely resemble the texture of a human body. It is well suited for demonstrating palpation, because the model allows the fundus to be examined by palpation.
  • By changing the uterus models (four types), it can be used to check the status of uterine involution during the postpartum period.
  • By having a person wear the model, postpartum care can be demonstrated while communicating with them.
  • By wearing the model, a person can experience how a woman feels after giving birth.
  • The model includes a realistic vulva to remind users that a postnatal mother might have feelings of modesty and embarrassment.
  • The model can be used to demonstrate realistically how to change sanitary shorts and pads.
This product can be used to demonstrate the following.
  • Examining and recognizing normal involution and subinvolution of postpartum uterus
  • (postpartum day 1: normal involution and subinvolution)
  • Measuring postpartum fundus with a tape measure and palpation (changes over a week:
  • postpartum days 1, 3, and 5)
  • Instructing fundal massage
  • Instructing selfcare
  • Examining the vulva
  • Changing sanitary shorts and pads

Wearable band 1
Outer skin 1
Abdominal wall 1
Uterine involution (normal, day 1) 1
Uterine involution (normal, day 3) 1
Uterine involution (normal, day 5) 1
Subinvolution 1
Pubis connector 1
Extension pad 1
Storage bag 1
Instruction Manual 1

Compatible size
Waist 21.3 to 45.7 in
(55.1 in with the extension pad)
Hip 21.3 to 45.7 in
(55.1 in with the extension pad)
Total weight Approx. 8.16 lbs.
Storage bag 12.2(L) X 18.1(W) X 8.7(H) in.


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by Koken   —   Item # LM-116
Puerperal Uterus Palpation Training Model (Wearable type)
$1,680.00 $1,769.00
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