Prostate Examination Trainer, 4 stages
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Prostate Examination Trainer, 4 stages

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Prostate Examination Trainer, 4 stages

The Prostate Examination Trainer is used in medical simulation and clinical training for the demonstration and practice of digital rectal examinations (DRE). The trainer includes 4 different prostates to train professional palpation methods (side position or bent forward) and diagnostic skills associated with rectal examinations.

The index finger is inserted into the rectum, facilitating palpation of the rear part of the prostate, where the majority of prostate carcinomas are found. The shape, position and consistency of the prostate are assessed, allowing irregularities, induration and nodes on the otherwise smooth surface of the prostate to be felt.

The following stages are included:
  • Normal prostate
  • Advanced prostate carcinoma
  • Prostate carcinoma at an early stage
  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

For reference and self-control, the trainer also includes the corresponding transrectal sonographic imaging (transrectal ultrasound, TRUS) for each stage. While in use, the prostate and the sonographic images are hidden and cannot be seen by the trainee.

The compact shape of the DRE Trainer makes it easy to store and the perfect skill trainer for every medical simulation lab.


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Karin Fairman-Young
Easy to use

Easy to use

by 3B Scientific   —   Item # P58/1
Prostate Examination Trainer, 4 stages
$175.00 $207.00
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