SimVS Diagnostic Essentials

SimVS Diagnostic Essentials

Item # SVS-DG073221

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SimVS Diagnostic Essentials

Improve Realism, Improve Education, Improve Patient Outcomes

SimVS Diagnostic Essentials consolidates multiple point of care devices into a controllable simulation solution. This innovative system allows instructors to send specific vital sign readings to the student monitor and see how they react. Instructors also have on-the-fly control of vital signs, allowing patient conditions to rapidly change. With Multi-student and patient control, one instructor can control vital signs for six (6) different patients simultaneously.

1 Instructor Tablet

Controls the physiological displays of monitors allowing educators to influence student care decisions

2 Student Monitors

Up to four (4) unique interfaces including vital signs monitors, glucometer, pulse oximeter and electronic thermometer

3 Mobile Stand

Durable stand with basket and mounting software to hold vital signs monitor and additional student interfaces

4 Training Accessories

Includes all the diagnostic equipment students would need to provide a comprehensive patient exam

Why Educators Love SimVS:

  • SimVS scenarios and exercises develop critical thinking skills, essential alertness and pattern recognition needed in today’s healthcare landscape
  • Instructors can easily control vital signs throughout a simulation
  • Realistic multi-tasking training
  • What’s Included With SimVS Diagnostic Essentials:

    • Three (3) Samsung tablets with the following interfaces:
      • Vital Signs Monitors
      • Glucometer
      • Pulse Oximeter
      • Electronic Thermometer
    • One (1) Router
    • One (1) Mobile Stand With Basket
    • One (1) BP Cuff
    • One (1) Pulse Oximeter
    • One (1) Temperature Probe
    • One (1) Year Limited Warranty

    SimVS Diagnostic Essentials Interfaces

    Instructor Interface
    Allows educators to manipulate monitor results on all four (4) student interfaces to influence care decisions.
    Vital Signs Monitor
    Enables students to evaluate patient vitals and react accordingly.

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    by SimVS   —   Item # SVS-DG073221
    SimVS Diagnostic Essentials
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