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The basic SKILLQUBE solutions consist of an iPad monitor, iPad controller and iPad assessment device. Hardware set also includes, simulated therapy cables (ECG leads, PB pressure cuff, Defib Pads, CPR sensor, SPo2 cable/probe) which are suitable for training in austere prehospital or in hospital environments. All patient monitor accessories can be stowed safely and compactly in the hardware side pouches. Includes large monitor hardware device and storage side pouches.

The mobile simulation monitors provide a realistic and flexible way to provide increased fidelity in simulation, empowering in-situ simulations, while reducing the need for expensive and complex manikins.

  • Intuitive control with the qubeCONTROLLER
  • Stable connection of the devices for smooth workouts
  • High quality & shockproof case with side pockets
  • Various monitor views including monitor, defibrillator, AED and numeric Extensive waveform libraries with dynamic waveforms
  • 12-channel ECG
  • Media center
  • AED, manual defibrillator & pacer
  • Real-time CPR feedback with innovative sensor technology
  • Reanimation mode (metronome, fraction, etc.)
  • Alarms with adjustable alarm limits
Debriefing Solution

Assessing the situation, giving precise instructions, communicating correctly with each other: Team communication and medical procedures have to be learned. They have to be trained in order to make the right decisions in real operations.


The qubeCONTROLLER is the comprehensive control unit for the trainer. Spontaneous, unexpected changes in the patient's image, provide special realism and real stress situations.

The assessment trainer enables auscultation of the chest and back, displays different blood glucose levels, measures the patient's temperature and includes relevant checklists such as ABCDE scheme. Send images and videos to the assessment tool, providing the trainee with all the necessary information.

  • Control all vital signs via instructor software
  • Browser-based scenario editor with image and video library
  • Auscultation, blood sugar and temperature measurement
  • Availability of checklists and SOP for in field use
Hardware Set qube “Large”
  • Hardcase for iPad 12,9″
  • Large bag for Hardcase
  • Adult Cable Set (training only)
  • Pediatric cable set (training only)
  • Wifi router
  • Apple iPad Pro 12,9″ for Monitor - Included
  • Apple iPad 10,2″ and protection cover for Controller - Included
  • Apple iPad 10,2″ and protection cover for Assessment - Included
  • 3 Different Skins - QubeZERO, QubeAED & QubeVENT
  • CPR Module (Optional)
  • Video Debreifing System QubeAVgo Light (Optional)
  • Ventilator Hardware (Optional)

3 Monitor Screens included in this package

1 - qubeZERO

The qubeZERO is a simulation system from the qubeSERIE. It is perfectly integrated with Controller, Assessment and Cloud, giving you the full power you need to make your training a success. With various views already integrated, there are hardly any limits to your training. In addition to a 12-lead ECG with pacer and integrated real-time CPR feedback, the qubeZERO also features an AED or manual defibrillator.

The qubeZERO is compatible with any simulation manikin or can be used with a patient actor for even more reality.

2 - qubeAED

The qubeAED provides an excellent platform for Basic Life Support training for first aiders and clinicians alike. Its intuitive interface makes it the perfect addition to the qubeSERIES. 

    Functional Overview
  • Simplest operating concept
  • Decides if shockable or not
  • Specially designed for untrained and trained users
  • Understandable application guidance
  • shock delivery

3 - qubeVENT

Simulates a generic version of a ventilation device. The MEDUMAT Standard2 is used in emergency services, air rescue or in the military’s medical service.

    Key Features:
  • Mode for resuscitation (CPR)
  • Simulation of flow measurement and CO measurement
  • Monitoring of IPPV, CPAP and oxygen administration
  • Instructor controls for iPad
  • Pre-set and custom scenarios
COMPARISON TABLE Simulation Basic Simulation One Simulation Five
Features / Model Number Simulation
Part Number SQ9503281567688 SQ9505684529348 SQ0046382248449
ECG Waveforms - Rate Controllable 118+ 118+ 118+
ECG - Advanced Functions Y Y Y
Sastiv ECG - 12 Lead Y Y Y
Live/Dynamic ECG - 12 Lead Y Y Y
SpO2 Waveforms Y Y Y
CO2 Waveforms Y Y Y
Invasive Blood Pressure Waveforms Y Y Y
Critical Care Waveforms Y Y Y
Preserve CO2 (CPR) Y Y Y
Scenario Creation Y Y Y
Laboratory Reports Y Y Y
Assessment Device (tempearture and blood sugar measurement) Y Y Y
Hardware configuration
Large Bag and Accessory Set

Accessory Set

3 leadwires ECG cable snap | 7 leadwires ECG cable snap | 10 leads ECG trunk cable | SpO2 sensor | Adult NIBP cuff | Defibrillator / AED connector | Disposable adult ECG electrodes | EtCO2 sensor gas drier tube

Adult Cable Set (training only) Y Y Y
Pediatric Cable Set (training only) Y Y Y
Monitor Tablet Size iPad Pro 12,9" iPad Pro 12,9" iPad Pro 12,9"
Controller Tablet Size iPad 10,2" iPad 10,2" iPad 10,2"
Assessment Tablet Size iPad 10,2" iPad 10,2" iPad 10,2"
1 Wifi Router Y Y Y
CPR Feedback Module Optional Y Y
Video Debriefing System Optional Optional Y
Ventilator Hardware Optional Optional Optional
Monitor Skins


qubeZERO is a generic version of qubeSERIES monitoring simulation system for your patient monitor/defibrillators. qubeZERO is perfectly integrated with Controller and Assessment, giving you the full power you need to make your training a success.


SKILLQUBE qubeAED Patient AED Simulation

qubeAED is a AED simulator based on a generic user interface. qubeAED is perfectly integrated with Controller and Assessment, giving you the full power you need to make your training a success.



qubeVENT is a ventilation simulator based on a generic user interface. qubeVENT is perfectly integrated with Controller and Assessment, giving you the full power you need to make your training a success.

Additional Skin

Additional Skin To Be Chosen

qube15 | qube7 Basic | qube7 Intermediate | qube7 Advanced | qubeX | qube3 | qube20e | qubeMCS | qube3T | qubeR | qubeC1 | qubeMS2

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