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Complete MyPlate Teaching Food Replica Kit

complete myplate teaching food replica kit
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Complete MyPlate Teaching Food Replica Kit

This kit combines 42 food replicas (see list below), 5 durable plastic plates (featuring the USDA graphic to help us all fill half of our plate with fruits and vegetables, a whole grain, and a low fat protein, as well as adding a low fat dairy choice), and 1 acrylic display rack for your complete MyPlate educational teaching kit. The attractive, sturdy acrylic display rack enables you to illustrate three meals and a day’s snacks or show four MyPlate meals. There is room available under the bottom shelf to stack extra plates.

Food replicas included:

• Bread
• Cereal (dry)
• Flatbread
• Oatmeal
• Popcorn
• Rice
• Tortilla
• Toast

• Cheese Cubes
• Cheese (Swiss)
• Milk (chocolate)
• Milk (skim)
• Milk (whole)
• Yogurt

• Almonds
• Chicken
• Egg
• Peanut Butter
• Pork Chop
• Salmon
• Beef Roast
• Tilapia

• Apple
• Banana (half)
• Blackberries
• Grapefruit (half)
• Grapes
• Oranges (mandarin)
• Peach (2 halves)
• Raisins
• Strawberries

• Beans (green)
• Beans (kidney)
• Broccoli
• Carrots
• Chickpeas
• Corn on the Cob
• Juice (tomato)
• Lettuce (romaine)
• Potatoes (mashed)
• Tomato Slice
• Yam

Do NOT use in the microwave!

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