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Econo VTA CPR Trainer, Pack of 4

econo vta cpr trainer pack of 4
: $615.80

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Econo VTA (Visual Training Assistant) CPR Trainer, Pack of 4

The Econo VTA (Visual Training Assistant) enables students to train and improve their CPR skills in an easy and cost effective manner. This CPR trainer has the same look and feel of the lifelike Economy Sani-Manikin and is affordable enough for each student to have their own manikin. The simple face shield lung system means no cleaning, disengecting, or dissasembly is required.

The features include a head tilt/chin life feature for opening the airway, touch vinyl skin for extended service, and a foam-filled torso for resistance to compressions. The trainer has palpable landmarks to ensure proper hand placement and observable chest rise to verify ventilation.

The VTA indication system is easy to understand. A rate light comes on when the correct rate is achieved and a second light comes on to show correct depth with proper release. When the student keeps both lights on, they are delivering quality CPR. Includes three airways and instructions for use. Is Trusted By