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Effects of Smoking Kit with Five Experiments
effects of smoking kit with five experiments
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Effects of Smoking Kit with Five Experiments

This popular kit demonstrates the amount of tar and nicotine produced by cigarettes through a series of five experiments. This kit is designed to draw smoke through a high-efficiency fiberglass filter which collects the tar and nicotine to demonstrate the effects of smoking. Higher level students can use the kit for sophisticated chemical analysis of cigarette tars. Experiments included are: How long must a cigarette filter before efficient smoke removal?, How much smoke is in a cigarette?, Which cigarette has the lowest smoke (tar) content?, What is the collection efficiency of cigarette filters?, and does the first half a cigarette contain less “tar” than the last half? Kit includes 25 filters, a filter holder with durable Plexiglas® base, aspirator bulb, color chart for quantitative determination of tar content, and instructions for five complete activities. Cigarettes are not included. Is Trusted By