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FAST1™ Trainer - Intraosseous Infusion I.O. Simulator

FAST1 Trainer -  Intraosseous Infusion  I.O. Simulator
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FAST1™ Trainer - Intraosseous Infusion I.O. Simulator

FAST1™ Trainer, Intraosseous Infusion I.O. Simulator, Item Details:

This small trainer provides critical anatomic landmarks for training care givers in the use of the FAST1™. Previous training was done utilizing Pyng Medical's SIM-STERN materials without benefit of realistic anatomic landmarks or employing the SIM-IO trainer on fellow-students (Using Velcro-tipped simulated catheter and SIM-IO training target patch) but not experiencing the real forces involved in placing the FAST1™ catheter.

With this very transportable trainer, students will be able to palpate the suprasternal notch for placement of the target patch, place a target patch on the trainer, and actually insert the FAST1™ infusion catheter using the FAST1™ demonstrator. A replaceable disk lies under the simulator skin surface and is slightly rotated after each insertion, making at least 100 FAST1™ insertions per disk possible.

If your service utilizes the FAST1™ sternal intraosseous device or you operate a training center that teaches the use of adult intraosseous infusions, this simulator is a must.

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