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Hind Legs of Different Mammals (Mammalia)

hind legs of different mammals
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Hind Legs of Different Mammals (Mammalia)
Included are four real bone specimens: the hind leg of a dog and the hind foot of a horse, a cow and a pig respectively, as well as an original plastic cast of a human foot.

The dissected real limbs enable scientifc comparison of the anatomy of the front or rear legs of selected mammals and allow conclusions to be drawn about their walking and running behaviour. In order to be able to compare human with animal, an original plastic cast of a human hand or human foot is included in each case. This makes it possible to explain clearly e.g. the difference between plantigrades, digitigrades and unguligrades. The individual limbs are supplied as separate items and must be mounted on a wooden base. Assembly instructions are included. Is Trusted By