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    Intravenous Injection Pad

    Intravenous Injection Pad - SKM148

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    Item #: SKM148

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    Intravenous Injection Pad (M148)

    This compact and light practice cushion is attached to the lower arm using a strap with a Velcro fastener that is the perfect addition to our Patient Care Manikin. The new design improves the placement of the simulator and has a realistic appearance. Puncture methods for blood withdrawal and injection can be practiced in a realistic manner with the representation of the superficial and deep vein system. Blood bag included, without blood plasma substitutes and tripod.

    Model Features:

    The feeling of the skin and vessels on palpation and needle insertion has been made closer to that in the human body.

    • The vessels are arranged in●The vessels are arranged in meandering courses.
    • Technique 1●The vessels pass different depths from close to the surface to deep areas. Is Trusted By