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Kyoto Kagaku Cervical Assessment Simulator

Kyoto Kagaku Cervical Assessment Simulator MW35


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Item #: KK-MW35


Kyoto Kagaku Cervical Assessment Simulator

External genitalia made of the new material and anatomically correct vaginal canal provides true-life hands-on training in cervical examination to determine Bishop score from the final stage of pregnancy to the first stage of labor.

  • Genital area made og innovative material that excels in elasticity, durability and resilience allowing repetitive training opportunity.
  • Interchangeable five stages of cervical dilatation module can be installed with a single action. Descent of the fetal head can also be set.
  • Anatomically correct landmarks including the ischial spine and pubic symphysis.
  • Posterior fontanelle to determine the fetal position.

Training Skills:
Cervical Examination:
  • Determination of bishop score(cervix score) using landmarks of the ischial spine and pubic symphysis.
  • Assessment of cervical dilatation
  • procedures of urine catheterization
  • Procedures of cervical cytology

Speculum Examination

Cervical Assessment Simulator Set Includes:

  • 1 maternal body
  • 1 genitalia unit
  • 1 cervix unit
  • 1 set of cervical dilatation module ( 5 variations)
  • 1 holder for the cervical dilatation module
  • 3 lubricant (150 ml)
  • 1 talcum powder
  • 1 instructional manual

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