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TMJ, Temporomandibular Joint Surgery Simulator With Pathologies

max atm tmj temporomandibular joint simulator

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TMJ, Temporomandibular Joint Surgery Simulator With Pathologies - MAX-1P

Oral and Maxillo Facial Simulator for Temporomandibular Joint Surgery.

MAX-ATM is a Pro Delphus model indicated to interventions such as arthroscopy and open surgery. It is possible to understand the surgical landmarks, the punction points, analyse the internal anatomy of the temporomadibular joint and its pathologies, as well as remove polyps and adhesions, identifying swollen areas in the articulation.

This surgical unit (MAX-1P) is presented with the following pathologies: wear and tear of the TMJ capsule, plus adhesions and synovial bodies (edema and polyps).

Important structures: bones and junctions, skull, face bones, maxilla, jaw, lateral ligaments, Temporal muscle, Medium and Lateral Pterigoideo Muscle, Masseter, Parotyde Gland, Temporal Artery and Vein, Facial Nerve and its branches.

Acrylic Base included. (MAX-0A)

Important Notice: Since these surgical units are made to simulate a real surgical scenario, the units cannot be re-used after the procedures are complete. Therefore, a new surgical unit would be required for practicing and to perform the same procedures again.

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