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Foot Care Model with Nails and Callosities

Foot Care Model with Nails and Callosities


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Medical Foot Care Model with Nails and Callosities

Maintaining a healthy condition of the patients’ feet makes a difference in their quality of life and can be critical for people with particular diseases including diabetes. This model helps training in simple trimming of nails and callosities by healthcare providers, while serving as a useful tool for general education on basic foot care.
  • Designed to facilitate training in nail clipping, trimming and smoothing away corns and callosities
  • Replaceable nails, corn and callosities set on the life-size foot model provide excellent training opportunities with true-to-life feeling until the trainees build enough confidence to move on to actual patients.
  • Helps to demonstrate anatomical landmarks, foot assessment procedures, foot massaging and other day-to-day treatment

  • Trimming and clipping of toe nails (thickened nail, ingrown nail, nail ringworm)
  • Trimming and removal of the callosities
  • Trimming and removal of the corns

Foot assessment (demonstration)
  • Shape and anatomical landmarks
  • Tactile pressure examination
  • Vibratory perception

Other foot care (demonstration)
  • Foot massaging
  • External medicine application
  • Care of the dry or cornfield heel


Set includes:
  • 1 foot model with swivel stand
  • 20 toe nail A: thickened ingrown nail
  • 20 toe nail B: thickened nail with ringworm
  • 10 callosity pieces
  • 10 corn pieces

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