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Code Blue Multipurpose Simulator w/ Non-intubatable Disposable Airway

Code Blue Multipurpose Simulator with Non-intubatable Disposable Airway


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Code Blue® Multipurpose Simulator with Non-intubatable Disposable Airway

Code Blue® Multipurpose Simulator with Non-intubatable Disposable Airway features an interchangeable male and female breasts (left female breast contains malignancy) and a breast palpation capability with bra attachment and 7 abnormal breasts inserts. Also, by using this Multipurpose Simulator, you will be able to practice gynecologic examination with vaginal douching and pap smear exercises with realistic vagina and cervix.

  • Soft, lifelike faceskin
  • Movable jaw with removable upper and lower dentures
  • Jointed elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles
  • Bends at waist as in human
  • Interchangeable male organ
  • Male and female catheterization
  • Enema administration
  • Set of two decubitus ulcers depicting initial stage of ulceration and deeply infected stage
  • Oral, nasal, otic, tracheotomy, and gastrostomy openings for instruction in naso-gastric lavage and gavage
  • Sculpted stomas for transverse colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic stoma, each connected to an internal, removable tank
  • Removable internal tanks
  • Prostatic palpation and massage
  • Amputation stump
  • Neck brace
  • Carrying bag

Airway Management
  • Practice regular or Counterpulsation CPR
  • BVM with realistic chest rise
  • Mouth to mouth resuscitation
  • Mouth to nose resuscitation
  • Anatomically painted outline of cardiopulmonary features
  • Nasal and gastrostomy openings for instruction in gastric lavage and gavage

Injection and Infusion
  • Intravenous, intramuscular, and subcutaneous injection techniques, specify left or right
  • Bilateral IM sites, arms, and legs
  • Intramuscular injection site in buttock
  • Additional buttock injection site
  • Intruction manual
Normal Delivery
Realistc internal organs for unparalleled CPR performance.
Omni™ Code Blue® Pack
Monitor and log ventilations and chest compressions with Omni. Connect to any computer, OR view feedback in Omni screen.
Airway Management
Realistic airway with tongue, vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus. Intubate using a Miller blade and a FR ETT or LMA.
Pierce the replaceable trachea and insert a tracheostomy tube with an attached positive pressure device to observe chest rise.
Injection & Infusion
You will be able to experience an advanced training arm and hand for intravenous, intramuscular and Sub-Q techniques
Breast Palpation
7 interchangeable breasts for palpation and examination.
Ostomy Care
Sculpted stomas of a transverse colostomy, ileostomy, and suprapubic stoma
Interchangeable genitalia
Interchangeable genitalia for female and male catheterization

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One year warranty.

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