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Newborn Head Phantom for Ultrasound and MRI Training (Static)

Newborn Head Phantom (static version) | True Phantom Solutions Newborn Head Phantom (static version)

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Newborn Head Phantom for Ultrasound and MRI Training (Static Version)

NEWBORN FULL HEAD (Static Version) Anatomically Correct Newborn Head Phantom

The phantom is designed based on an average newborn head and it is made out of realistic tissue mimicking materials suitable for both Ultrasound and MRI applications. This tool is designed for pediatricians and other doctors that can practice sonography on these medical simulators. Our newborn simulators also known as neonatal phantoms are available in 32 weeks and 36 weeks of age. These can be customized based on your requirements.

The phantom consists of following components:

  • Realistic Brain
  • Corpus Callosum
  • Brain Ventricles
  • Caudate
  • Putamen
  • Thalamus
  • Choroid Plexus
  • Cerebellum & Pons

True Phantom Solutions Inc. maintains a healthy collaboration with the group of physician experts from the Sonographic Clinical Assessment of the Newborn (SCAN) Training Program program at the University of Calgary (Department of Pediatrics) that helps us in developing these neonate phantoms and to hold strength in customizing them. Is Trusted By