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    Patient Care Manikin Pro Version

    Patient Care Manikin Pro Version - P10-1
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    Item #: P10-1

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    Patient Care Manikin Pro Version

    Our best selling patient care simulator allows practice of most training applications from basic to advanced nursing, clinical and emergency training. Made of durable, unbreakable, water-resistant plastics, it is also flexible, allowing natural movement of the arms, legs and joints.

    Our unique flexible waist design allows the manikin to sit upright for added realism. Lungs, heart, stomach, bladder and intestinal section are removable and fitted with drainage seals for easy cleaning. Bladder and intestinal section are absolutely watertight and connected to the external genitalia to allow catheterization.

    All standard injection sights have special injection pads (6 in all) which allow repeated injections and years of use. Also included is an amputation stump to practice dressing techniques. To complete this deluxe manikin, we've included an intestine tube, catheter, duodenal probe, talcum powder, vaseline and lubricant. Meets OBRA requirements. Manikin height is about 5' 7"

    Now even more realistic training of the care routine.

    • New training forms
    • Hair care (washing, combing, drying)
    • Decubitus evaluation and care (stages 2-4)
    • Wound treatment and care
      • Surgical staple seam, laceration and abrasions
    • Diabetic foot syndrome
    • Simplified assembly

    The only manikin you need to teach and practice:
    • Personal hygiene, cleaning (removable partial prothesis)
    • Lifting, mobilization
    • Bandaging and wound dressing (including stump dressing)
    • Irrigations (eye, ear, nose, stomach, intestine, bladder)
    • Injections (intramuscular and subcutaneous)
    • Naso-gastric lavage and gavage
    • Oxygen treatment, artificial respiration
    • Tracheotomy care
    • Catheterization (male and female)
    • Ostomy care (colostomy)
    • Enema administration
    Now also included in the scope of delivery:
    Tools for fitting, inserts with wound depictions (upper arm and thigh)

    Basic Version available!


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