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W30502   "Musclemate" 2 - Intramuscular Injection Simulator (M118-1)
VT0980   'Pat' Pressure Ulcer Staging Model
VT0955   'Wilma' Wound Foot Model, Dark
VT0950   'Wilma' Wound Foot Model, Light
S406   1 Year Old Injection Training Arm
S407   1 Year Old Intraosseous Infusion and Injection Leg
VT5026   1" 20G Right Angle Huber Needle With 8" Extension Set (1 Doz)
S111   1-Year CPR and Trauma Care Simulator
S112   1-Year CPR Care Simulator w/ OMNI® Code Blue Pack
S114   1-Year CPR Simulator w/ I.V. Arm, I.O Access And OMNI® Code Blue
S113   1-Year CPR Simulator With I.V. Arm And Intraosseous Access
S117   1-Year Multipurpose Patient Care Simulator
S115   1-Year PEDI® Simulator with Arterial/Venous Sites and I.O Leg
S312   1-Year Pediatric Airway Trainer
B55   1/2 Life-Size Complete Dual Sex Muscle Figure, 33-part
B56   1/2 Life-Size Female Muscular Model Without Internal Organs, 21 part
B59   1/4 Life-Size Muscle Figure, 2-part
LF00902AU   10 Life/form® Replacement Glans & Foreskins - Medium Tone
S504.5   10 minute postpartum uterus for IUD insertion
LF06208U   100 Adult/Child Face Shield/Lung Bags
SB33609U   12-Lead ECG Simulator - Physio Medtronic and Marquette Quick Combo
L10-1   1st Month Embryo
DGT77   1st Trimester Pregnancy Insert with Removable 12-Week Embryo (0719-E)
A76-9   2 Lumbar Vertebrae with Prolapsed Disc
WP15-1019   2015 Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Set
K23   20x Magnified Digestive System Model
L10-2   2nd Month Embryo
A76-8   3 Lumbar Vertebrae Model, flexible
GP2550   3 Mini Heart Set Models
125   3-Year-Old Airway Management Trainer
B50   3/4 Life-Size Dual Sex Muscle Figure, 45-part
B51   3/4 Life-Size Female Muscle Figure Without Internal Organs, 23-Part
VT5025   3/4" 20G Right Angle Huber Needle With 8" Extension Set (1 Doz)
SE465   360° Wireless Digital Printer With Analysis Of Measurements | SECA
SE466   360° Wireless Digital Printer With Analysis On Thermal Paper Or Labels | SECA
P90P   3B Birthing Simulator PRO
P93P-F   3B Catheterization Trainer Simulator PRO Version, Female
P93P-M   3B Catheterization Trainer Simulator PRO version, male
VR1118L   3B Human Muscle Chart
A79   3B MICROanatomy Bone structure model, enlarged 80 times
K13   3B MICROanatomy Kidney Model
K24   3B MICROanatomy Liver Model
B60   3B MICROanatomy Muscle Fiber Model - 10,000 times magnified
F16   3B MICROanatomy™ Eye Model
D17   3B MICROanatomy™ Tongue Model
E13   3B Scientific Life-size Auditory Ossicles
VG392   3B Scientific Birthing Process Model - 5 Stages
P56   3B Scientific Intramuscular Injection Simulator Upper Leg
R02-1   3B Scientific Meiosis Model
VR1620L   3B Scientific Nervous System Laminated Chart
B01   3B Scientific Torso-Guide
U56001   3B Scientific Vibration Generator
MP1783   3D Printed Female right pelvis superficial and deep structures
MP1715   3D Printed Heart internal structures Replica
MP1510   3D Printed Arm, Forearm and Hand Replica
MP1640-45-50   3D Printed Arterial and Venous Circulation Set
MP1725   3D Printed Bowel - Portion of Ileum
MP1730   3D Printed Bowel - Portion of Jejenum Model
MP1690   3D Printed Bronchial Tree Model
MP1600   3D Printed Circle of Willis
MP1750   3D Printed Cubital Fossa Model
MP1665   3D Printed Deep face- Infratemporal fossa Model
MP1513   3D Printed Deep Upper Limb and Hand Model
MP1610   3D Printed Dural Skull Model
MP1780   3D Printed Female left pelvis and proximal thigh
MP1785   3D Printed Female right pelvis
MP1807   3D Printed Flexed knee joint deep dissection Model
MP1940   3D Printed Foot - Deep plantar structures
MP1900   3D Printed Foot - Structures of the plantar surface
MP1920   3D Printed Foot Model with superficial and deep dissection of foot
MP1850   3D Printed Foot Parasagittal cross-section Model
MP1930   3D Printed Foot with deep structures of the distal leg and foot
MP1910   3D Printed Foot, Plantar surface and superficial dissection
MP1512   3D Printed Forearm and Hand Replica - Superficial and Deep Dissection
MP1514   3D Printed Forearm and Hand with Deep Dissection
MP1530   3D Printed Hand Model
MP1660   3D Printed Head and Neck Replica
MP1670   3D Printed Head and Visceral Column of the Neck
MP1250   3D Printed Head, Neck, Shoulder and Thorax Replica with Angiosomes
MP1710   3D Printed Heart and the distal trachea, carina and primary bronchi
MP1700   3D Printed Human Heart Model
MP1805   3D Printed Knee Joint extended Model
MP1800   3D Printed Knee Joint Model
MP1680   3D Printed Lateral Orbit Replica
MP1523   3D Printed Left Shoulder Superficial muscles and brachial artery
MP1809   3D Printed Lower Limb - deep dissection Model
MP1813   3D Printed Lower Limb - deep dissection of a left pelvis and thigh
MP1816   3D Printed Lower Limb – Superficial Dissection
MP1818   3D Printed Lower Limb – Superficial Dissection with Male Left Pelvis
MP1810   3D Printed Lower Limb Musculature Model
MP1815   3D Printed Lower Limb superficial veins
MP1765   3D Printed Male left pelvis and proximal thigh
MP1770   3D Printed Male Pelvis
MP1685   3D Printed Medial Orbit Replica
MP1400   3D Printed Nervous System Dissection
MP1630   3D Printed Paranasal Sinus Model
MP1820   3D Printed Popliteal Fossa distal thigh and proximal leg
MP1830   3D Printed Popliteal Fossa Model
MP1300   3D Printed Posterior Abdominal Wall Replica
MP1410   3D Printed Posterior Body Wall / Ventral Deep Dissection
MP1527   3D Printed Shoulder with deep dissection of a right shoulder
MP1525   3D Printed Shoulder with deep dissection of the left shoulder
MP1675   3D Printed Superior Orbit Model
MP1620   3D Printed Temporal Bone Model, Set of 3
MP1521   3D Printed Thoracic Wall, Axilla and the Root of the Neck
MP1515   3D Printed Upper Limb - Biceps, Bones and Ligaments Model
MP1500   3D Printed Upper Limb Replica
MP1520   3D Printed Upper Limb Skeleton and Ligaments
L10-3   3rd Month Embryo
DGT78   3rd Trimester Pregnancy Insert, 4 parts (0719-P)
GP4011   4 Pieces Diabetes
PP-AEDT-400-R   4 Remotes for Prestan Professional AED
GP2650   4-pc Artery Model
GP2655   4-Piece Vein Model
GP3120   4-stage cross-section Bronchus Model
GP1320   4-Stage Degenerative Hip Bone Diseases
GP1760   4-Stage of Osteoporosis Vertebrae Model
GP1800   4-Stage Osteoarthritis (OA) Shoulder
GP1100   4-Stage Osteoarthritis Knee Model
VT1354   4-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid - Latex Free Dermalike™
VT1355   4-Vein Venipuncture Training Aid, Darkly Pigmented - Latex Free
S504.3   48 Hour Postpartum Uterus for S504.100
L10-4   4th Month Fetus
LF01077U   5 PSI Manometer for Pneumatic Ears
A75-1   5 Vertebrae - 3B Scientific
S405   5 Year Old Injection Training Arm
GP1700   5-Pc. Lumbar Vertebrae with Sacrum
S151   5-Year CPR and Trauma Care Simulator
S152   5-Year CPR and Trauma Care Simulator With OMNI® Code Blue Pack
S154   5-Year CPR Simulator w/ I.V. Arm, I.O Access and OMNI® Code Blue
S153   5-Year CPR Simulator with I.V. Arm and Intraosseous Access
S157   5-Year Multipurpose Pediatric Patient and Emergency Care Simulator
S150   5-Year Nursing Care Patient Simulator
S155   5-Year PEDI® Simulator
S314   5-Year Pediatric Airway Trainer Simulator
L10-6   5th Month Fetus (Transverse Lie)
L10-5   5th Month Fetus - Breech Position Pregnancy Model
L10-7   5th Month Twin Fetuses
A75   6 Mounted Vertebrae
L10-8   7th Month Fetus
EAM120AS   9th Month Pregnancy with Removable Fetus
2200   A.J. Adolescent CPR Manikin with Carry Bag
2222   A.J. Airway with Lung System (10 pk.)
2223   A.J. Channel Mouth/Nosepieces (10 pk.)
2230   A.J. Replacement Lungs (20 pk.)
LF03699U   “Airway Larry” Adult Airway Management Trainer with Stand
KKUS-3   Abdominal Intraoperative and Laparoscopic Ultrasound - IOUSFAN
HE-79820   Abdominal Palpation Model
OCS407   Abdominal Surgical Incision Trainer
T21002   Absorption Zone of the Root
U56004   Accessories for Kinetic Gas Theory
U56003   Accessories for Spring Oscillations
U10351   Accessory Set for the Interferometer
SB14135   ACL Knee Arthroscopy Trainer
MMT-0   Acrylic Base for Mastotrainer Breast Surgical Trainers
VR2820L   Acupuncture Corporelle - CHART
N15-1R   Acupuncture Ear Model , Right
N15-1L   Acupuncture Ear Model, Left
N16   Acupuncture Ear Models, Set for 10 Students
SAM-4   Acupuncture Model of Sciatic Nerve
N31   Acupuncture Model, female
N30   Acupuncture Model, Male
SAM-5   Acupuncture Simulator for Sciatic Nerve
SAM-1   Acupuncture Training Pad - Set of 5
SAM-2   Acupuncture Training Pad with Indicator Light and Buzzer
2000   Adam Adult with Carry Bag
2300   Adam CPR™ Training Manikin with Electronics and Carry Bag, Light
2022   Adam/David Airway with Lung System (10 pk.)
LF01145U   Additional Body for Life/form® Auscultation Trainer & Smartscope™
LF01148U   Additional Remote Control for the Life/form® Auscultation Trainer
PP3100   Adolescent Carry Storage Bag
1615   Adolescent Choking Manikin With Carry Bag
1329   Adolescent CPR Water Rescue Manikin
EZ2700   Adolescent Skeleton Model
1327   Adolescent Water Rescue Manikin
S315.300   Adult Airway and CPR Trainer with Heart and Lung Sounds
086FB   Adult Airway Management Trainer Full Body with Carry Bag
086   Adult Airway Management Trainer Torso with Carry Bag
501   Adult Airway Management Trainer with Board
080FB   Adult ALS Full Body Trainer with Carry Bag
080   Adult ALS Torso Trainer with ECG Simulator
LF01220U   Adult and Infant Auscultation Training Set
TPS-AR-A01   Adult Arm Phantom for Multipurpose Imaging Applications
TPS-CA-A01   Adult Calvaria Phantom
1602   Adult Choking Manikin With Carry Bag
1328   Adult CPR Water Rescue Manikin
S315.500   Adult CPR+D Trainer - HAL® S315.500
306   Adult Deluxe Airway Management Head
502   Adult Deluxe Airway Management Trainer with Board
VE281   Adult Dentures - Lower Jaw Movable
TPS-ER-C01   Adult Ear Phantom
PP-ALB-50   Adult Face-Shield/Lung Bags - 50 pack
2861   Adult Female CPR Manikin with Carry Bag
TPS-BN-A01   Adult Human Brain Phantom for Multipurpose Applications
TPS-HT-A01   Adult Human Heart Phantom Simulator for Ultrasound, MRI and CT Scan
TPS-SL-A01   Adult Human Skull Phantom for Calibration and Training
TPS-US-A01   Adult Human Torso Phantom for Ultrasound Training
TPS-CT-A02   Adult Human Torso Phantom for X-Ray and CT Imaging Training
S315.100   Adult Multipurpose Airway and CPR Trainer
072   Adult Replacement Lungs/Stomach (3 pk.)

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