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    Postpartum Hemorrhage Trainer - PPH Trainer

    Postpartum Hemorrhage Trainer - PPH Trainer - P97
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    Item #: P97


    Postpartum Hemorrhage Trainer - PPH Trainer

    The PPH trainer P97 is designed to be an affordable, versatile and realistic obstetric training tool, which will enhance the competence and the confidence of the healthcare professional providing postpartum care and managing postpartum bleeding.

    The postpartum hemorrhage trainer offers accurate anatomy, including ischial spines, pubic bones and sacrum. For a realistic feel and texture in addition to a life-like softness, the vaginal canal and post-partum cervix have been made in SKINlike™ high-quality silicone.

    The pump attachment allows easy adjustment of the uterine tone to simulate an atonic or contracted uterus.


    The trainer will be useful for training the following procedures:
    Delivery of placenta, also incomplete
    Identification of the post-partum hemorrhage bleeding nature: uterus bleeding, cervix bleeding (rupture), vaginal bleeding (lesion)
    Visual estimation of the blood loss volume up to 1,5L
    Atonic uterus management
    Practice the fundal massage
    Practice bimanual compression
    Practice catheterization with CH 14 catheter

    Delivery content:
    PPH Trainer P97
    Blood reservoir 1,500 ml
    Blood reservoir stand
    Artificial blood concentrate (2 x 250 ml)
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