Adult Human Torso For X-Ray CT & MRI Training - Skeletal Version only
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Adult Human Torso For X-Ray CT & MRI Training - Skeletal Version only

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Adult Human Torso For X-Ray CT & MRI Training - Skeletal Version only

The Phantom is designed based on average human anatomy and it is made out of realistic patented bone material that is suitable for CT & MR applications. It can be used for medical imaging research, radiology training and testing and calibration of X-Ray & MR machines.

The following anatomical structures are included in the phantom:
1. Bones included:
Complete Spine, Complete Ribcage, Pelvis and Femur

The bones have a realistic three-layered structure with inner porosity which can be adjusted according to the requirement of the particular project.

The phantom can be customized in size and shape (i.e. based on the individual’s CT scan).

Materials used:
Soft tissue and organs: Composition of urethane base soft resin
Synthetic bones: Patented ceramic-reinforced epoxy-based composite material

Your order will include:
  • Male Standard Torso
  • Design video
  • Manual
  • Hard carry case (optional)

This phantom can be customized.
Radiology images are not included. Available upon request at an additional cost.
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Dimensions and Weight:

Dimensions and Weight of the Phantom:
  • Size: 85 x 46 x 26 cm(approx.)
  • Weight: 40 Kgs(approx.).

Dimensions and Weight of the Shipment
  1. Without hard carry case:
    • Size 91 x 60 x 30 cm (approx.)
    • Weight 45 kgs (approx.)
  2. With Hard carry case:
    • Size 120 x 65 x 45 cm (approx.)
    • Weight 65 kgs (approx.)

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