Child Heart and Lung Sounds Trainer

Child Heart and Lung Sounds Trainer

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Child Heart and Lung Sounds Trainer

This self-contained heart and lung sound generator delivers site-specific sounds of a four-year old, delivered through ten lung speakers and a heart speaker located in the normal auscultation sites for pediatric assessment. The use of speakers in these locations enables the use of any stethoscope without incurring additional cost for special equipment. The unit controls reside in the special handheld remote. Using an optional external speaker jack supports broadcasting the sounds during your classroom introduction to lung and heart sounds, or you can use it for audible testing more than one student at a time.

Individual manikin speakers in specific locations allow students to hear precise sound anomalies encountered when they auscultate the manikin.

No programming installation is required. Simply turn on the base switch (battery operated but can be charged with wall plug 110/220), turn on the remote, and point and click your way to student excellence in lung and heart sound knowledge. Product comes in a soft carry bag. The unit comes with a power cord, user reference, and a carry case. No assembly of manikin or installation of programming is required.

The Child Heart and Lung Sounds Trainer comes with One-Year Warranty.

Made in USA by Simulaids and sold by GTSimulators.

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