ELISA PICC Newborn Manikin for Complete Venous Access Simulation
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ELISA PICC Newborn Manikin for Complete Venous Access Simulation

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ELISA PICC Newborn Manikin for Complete Venous Access Simulation

The newborn Elisa Baby-PICC® simulator performs techniques and skills in vascular access and intravenous therapy. The newborn Elisa Baby-PICC® is made of semi-flexible and non-toxic material, measures approximately 45 cm(17 ¾ inches) in height and weighs 1.8 kg (approx. 4 lbs).

It has as main characteristic the multi-functionality because, in a single manikin, it is possible to simulate the techniques of peripheral venous access, central venous access by peripheral access (CCIP / PICC), central venous access via umbilical and other techniques necessary for the development of intravenous therapy. The techniques are performed with safely to the newborn.

The skin of the head, arms and leg allow visualization of the underlying blue veins. Venous puncture is followed by reflux of artificial blood, which confirms the success of the simulation.

The outside diameter and texture of the vessels have been developed to provide the most realistic feeling and appearance possible at the time of training. Flexibility in training: Having in a single simulator the possibility of introduction and progression of the PICC catheter and access to the other veins containing the artificial blood. Just mount it with the different systems. It is the only model that allows the introduction and progression of the PICC catheter at predefined points (arm and leg).

The umbilicus allows the access of the umbilical vein and the installation of catheters. The correct procedure is also verified by the reflux of blood. The correct anatomy of this simulator facilitates the catheter attachment with tape around the navel.

The veins that can be accessed are:
• temporal vein;
• external jugular vein;
• basilic vein;
• cephalic vein;
• Umbilical veins.

This newborn model allows the simulation of the following techniques related to vascular access:
- Blood collection
- Infusion solutions
- Bandage
- Fixation and removal of catheters and adhesive tapes
- Caring for the puncture site
- CCIP / PICC Deployment, Maintenance and Removal Technique
- Application of local anesthesia to prevent pain related to venipuncture in the baby
- General care with the baby in intravenous therapy
- Peripheral venous puncture with needle-type devices (butterfly), catheter under needle
- Installation of central venous catheters by peripheral access (CCIP / PICC)
- Installation of umbilical catheters

In addition to the above techniques, it still allows the simulation of nasal and gastric catheterization.

In this realistic model these skills can be thoroughly trained before being carried out in the patients.

The Elisa Baby PICC® simulator is easy to maintain.

•Unified vein system
•Metal base
•Artificial blood
•Stain Strip (removes any spot from the simulated blood stain)
•Lubricant solution
•Syringes and needles
•Carrying pouch
•PICC catheter is not included

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