Fine Beam Tube T

Fine Beam Tube T

Item # U18575
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Fine Beam Tube T

Fine Beam Tube T - U18575

This complete experimental system is used to determine an electron's specific charge and investigate the deflection of electron beams in a uniform magnetic field. Inside the fine beam tube, a sharply delimited electron beam is generated by a system comprising an indirectly heated oxide cathode, perforated anode and Wehnelt cylinder. Impact ionization of helium atoms creates a very bright, also sharply delimited trace of the electron path in the tube. If the tube is aligned optimally and an appropriate current flows through the Helmholtz coils, the electrons are deflected into a circular orbit, whose diameter can be easily determined when the electrons strike one of the equidistant measurement marks, causing its end to light up. Diameter, anode voltage and magnetic field are the parameters used to determine the electron's specific charge. The magnetic field can be calculated from the coil current, the geometry of the Helmholtz coil pair being known.

Experiment Topics:
  • Electron deflection in a uniform magnetic field
  • Closed orbit or spiral path
  • Determining an electron's specific charge e/m.
Fine-beam tube:
  • Gas filling: Helium
  • Gas pressure: 0.13 hP
  • Bulb diameter: 165 mm
  • Orbit diameter: 20 … 120 mm
  • Measurement mark
  • Spacing: 20 mm
General data:
  • Tube's rotary angle: -10° … 270°
  • Supply voltage: 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power supply cable: EU, UK and US
  • Dimensions: approx.310x275x410 mm³
  • Weight: approx.7.5 kg

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by 3B Scientific   —   Item # U18575
Fine Beam Tube T
$1,217.00 $1,241.00
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