Giant Eyeball Model, 5-Part (0102-00)
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Giant Eyeball Model, 5-Part (0102-00)

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  • by Denoyer Geppert
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Giant Eyeball Model, 5-Part

Six-times life-size, this unbreakable vinyl plastic replica is packed with useful teaching features.

On the exterior of the eyeball is the cornea, through which the iris and pupil are visible, the large lacrimal (tear) gland, attachments for all six extrinsic muscles of the eye, the optic nerve roots, and surrounding blood vessels.

The eyeball divides in half for study of the interior including the meticulously hand-painted choroid coat of the retina. Here, several removable parts are discovered such as the vitreous ball, iris/cornea, and Lucite lens, capable of magnifying and inverting images when removed from the model. Rods, cones, and other retinal microstructures are detailed in a highly-magnified, diagrammatic cross-section. 42 hand-coded features are identified in the corresponding key.

The model measures 6x6x6 inches (15x15x15 cm).

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
Denoyer-Geppert Authorized Dealer.
Model mounted on a hand rubbed, hardwood base.
The Eye Model Measures:
  • 6x6x6 inches
  • 15x15x15 cm

Made in USA by Denoyer-Geppert and sold by GTSimulators.

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
"Simulators for Education"
Denoyer-GeppertAuthorized Dealer.

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by Denoyer Geppert   —   Item # DGA22
Giant Eyeball Model, 5-Part (0102-00)
$317.00 $345.00
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