Hypospadia Surgical Simulator Kit
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Hypospadia Surgical Simulator Kit

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Hypospadia Surgical Simulator Kit

This Hypospadia Surgical Simulator Kit offers 8 different scenarios of Hypospadia to allow students to master this surgical procedure.

With 8 simulations of malformation of the urethra, the Hyspospadia Trainer (HPT) allows clinical analysis and surgical considerations for each case, according to its presentation.

The HPT allows training of hypospadia surgery, enabling the practice and improving the technique using real instruments.

Kit includes:
  • 1 acrylic base
  • 8 surgical units with pathology (see picture):
    • 3 Distal and coronal hypospadia
    • 1 Proximal hypospadia (penoscrotal)
    • 2 Distal and glanular hypospadia
    • 2 Mid shaft distal penile hypospadia
*Additional acrylic bases available upon request.

Made of Neoderma®

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