Muscle of the Human Arm, 7-Part

Muscle of the Human Arm, 7-Part

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Muscle of the Human Arm -7-Part

This 7-part, life-size muscle arm model shows the anatomical structure of the arm, complete with superficial and deeper muscles, vascular structures, nerves, and ligaments.

All structures are shown in great detail. The hand and shoulder are also well represented.

The following parts are removable:
  • Deltoid muscle
  • Biceps muscle
  • Triceps muscle
  • Long palmar muscle with radial flexor muscle of wrist
  • Brachioradialis muscle with radial extensor muscle of wrist
  • Palmar aponeurosis

Muscles of the Human Arm mounted on base with stand.

Model Dimensions:
  • 29-1/4" x 8" x 4-3/4".

Shipping Dimensions and Weight:
  • 30" x 8" x 5" / 12 Lbs