Single Breast Examination Trainer with TearPad™

Single Breast Examination Trainer with TearPad™

Item # LF00974

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Life/form® Single Breast Examination Trainer with TearPad™

Includes the Life/form® Single Breast Examination Trainer (LF00970U) and Nasco’s Breast Self-Examination TearPad™ (LF00971U).

The Life/form® Single Breast Examination Trainer has been designed for use in education in breast cancer prevention and breast self-examination. Breast self-examination is an important way of detecting cancer at an early, more treatable stage. Use the trainer to demonstrate proper manual examination and discussion of normal and abnormal findings. Soft, life-like simulated breast tissue fits over a sturdy base with molded ribs. Interchangeable lumps and nodules of various sizes, shapes, and densities can be placed within the breast in any combination, offering a complete educational experience. Reddened peau d’orange area on skin represents inflammatory breast cancer (IBC). Dimpling indicates invasive disease.

TearPad™ information:
This useful visual training resource has been developed to help educate women with essential breast cancer awareness tools. Use this TearPad™ to help educate women on becoming familiar with the normal consistency of their breasts and what steps they take during self-examination. With attractively designed illustrations, Nasco’s Breast Self-Examination TearPad™ describes the breast self-examination (BSE) method, variations of self-examinations, changes to look and feel for, and important facts to remember. Make breast self-examination a health habit!

The Life/form® Single Breast Examination Trainer with TearPad™ includes:
  • four soft (pink) nodules that represent normal tissue;
  • three medium (white) lumps;
  • and four hard (red) lumps, including a fixed-wall tumor
  • Double-sided. Pad of 50 sheets; each 8-1/2" x 11"

Lumps and nodules vary in size from 1-3 cm, are round and irregular in shape, representing both cysts and malignant tumors.

Also Included:
  • baby powder,
  • soft carry case,
  • and instruction card.

Made in USA by Nasco Healthcare and sold by GTSimulators.

Five-year warranty.

GTSimulators by Global Technologies
Nasco Authorized Dealer.

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