The Heart as a Pump Simulator (0651-00)
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The Heart as a Pump Simulator (0651-00)

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The Heart as a Pump Simulator

Hands-on Cardiac Function Simulator. Explore and learn the fundamental mechanical features of the heart. Designed for hands on collaborative learning by teams of 3-4 students, this working model simulates all of the key functions of the human heart. Through a series of open-ended investigations which emphasize problem solving, students will learn:
• How valves function and how they produce one way blood flow.
• To measure cardiac output and the factors and conditions which affect cardiac output.
• To collect quantitative, experimental data and use it to explain heart function.
• To solve problems and predict how different conditions influence and affect cardiac function.
• To relate the mechanical function of the heart, to heart structural anatomy.

Equally well suited to programs in community colleges, 4-year institutions and professional schools, the complete learning package includes the pumping heart model with support base, and illustrated manual which incorporates a 10-page instructor guide, set-up instructions, and a 3-4 hour hands on inquiry exercise, directly insertable into any anatomy and physiology curriculum.

Hands-on lab activities reinforce learning and maximize retention.

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by Denoyer Geppert   —   Item # DGAP44
The Heart as a Pump Simulator (0651-00)
$551.00 $599.00
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