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ReaLifeSim Infant IV Task Trainer without Application
ReaLifeSim Infant IV Task Trainer without Application

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ReaLifeSim Infant IV Task Trainer without Application

The ReaLifeSim Infant IV Task Trainer is just what you need to fill the gap in realistic simulation for vascular access on infants. Smaller vessel enhances visual, tactile and hands-on skills in locating, palpating vessel and achieving a “good stick.” Realistic size, skin feel, and flashback give learner immediate feedback. Durable construction (30+ sticks) with a protective layer ensures repeated practice opportunities that quickly build competence and confidence.

2"x1.5" surface area - The ReaLifeSim Infant Vas-sleeve IV task trainer is a single vessel product placed on a manikin to simulate vascular access with enhanced realism. Features include: realistic simulated skin and durable microfiber lining near the manikin; loop and hook straps or elastic straps to fit a variety of sizes and locations; puncture-proof base; sustained skin integrity for >30 puncture attempts using 23g or smaller IV catheters in a variety of insertion sites.
*Simulated blood vessels sold separately.

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