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ReaLifeSim IV Task Trainer (VAS-sleeve) with Application
ReaLifeSim IV Task Trainer (VAS-sleeve) with Application

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Item #: RLS-APP-001

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ReaLifeSim IV Task Trainer (VAS-sleeve) with Application

ReaLifeSim wearable IV Training Simulators (RLSIVT) products provide safe, real-life clinical training on a live human being, live animal, or manikins while recording skills performance for later review by an experienced instructor anytime, anywhere in the world. ReaLifeSim products improve provider/patient outcomes; promote creation of new programs; boost the sustainability of equipment and programs.

The patented advanced version RLSIVT with embedded sensors identifies IV catheter or needle insertions that go beyond the depth of the vessels, which is a patient safety concern. This helps learners and instructors “see” what’s going on beneath the skin with insertion attempts. These high physical fidelity simulators are made with a layer of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) simulated skin that provides better seal-sealing than routinely found silicone simulated skins and promotes realistic dressing application which many silicone based skins resist.

RLSIVT provides multi-sensory learning experiences with authentic feedback that includes:
  • Haptic - palpate rolling vessels & feel skin and vessel “pop”.
  • Auditory - tone if deep needle insertion to cause patient harm.
  • Visual - flashback.

RLSIVT Embedded Sensors:
  • Track skill performance over time communicating using BLE GATT profiles.
  • Provide multiple sources of objective data.
  • Record/save/store hands-on and communication skills performance.
  • Provide remote access for review and feedback

*Simulated blood vessels sold separately.
*Batteries not included.

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