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Whole Body Pregnant Model II

sakamoto whole body pregnant model 2


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Whole Body Pregnant Model II

Useful for serial training of birth assist!

1. Can see the status of fetal head through the transparent genitalia.
  • Protection of the perineum
  • Crowning
  • Delivery of posterior shoulder

2. Can check placenta/amnion.

3. Umbilical ligation and umbilical cord cutting (forceps can now be used as well).
  • Hemostatis using forceps
  • Umbilical cord cutting

Practice free-style delivery
  • Supine position
  • Squat position
  • Standing position
  • All fours (Knee-chest position)

Accessories included:
Genitals (skin-toned, clear), PVC fetus, special lubricant, baby powder, placenta, umbilical cord (x1)

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