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    SmartMan MEGACODE PRO LV with Low Volume Protocol

    SmartMan MEGACODE PRO LV with Low Volume Protocol - SMGLV-MGLV201


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    Item #: SMGLV-MGLV201
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    SmartMan MEGACODE PRO LV with Low Volume Protocol

    This advanced training product provides simulation which responds to the quality of CPR performed. The detailed debriefing report is aimed at specific skills to improve survival outcomes. Includes at-a-glance view of skills quality, fraction during the code, break down by code stage. The arms and legs and an IV arm can be added.

    Low Volume (LV):
    This technology provides a realistic feel for the movement of air inside of a patient as it relates to compressing the chest and ventilating the patient. This improves training as students can feel and see when they are not working together.

    Protocol:In the low volume protocol you perform continuous chest compressions interspersed with a low volume ventilation every 6 seconds, without interrupting the compressions. With this SmartMan training system you learn to minimize excessive pressure in the throax and use the negative pressure generated on release of the chest with the ventilation to optimize the value to the patient.

    General Notes:
    • PC computer is not included.
    • Arms, Legs, IV Training Arm and IO Leg are available on demand only.
    • Not suitable for jaw thrust or mouth-to-mouth

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