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    SmartMan Neonate CPR PRO

    SmartMan Neonate CPR PRO - SMI-N201

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    Item #: SMI-N201


    SmartMan Neonate CPR PRO

    This full size neonate simulates a new born to 1 month of age. The chest compressions are sensitive to full release and it requires correct positioning of the head. This manikin has sensors which are particularly sensitive to low volumes of air.

    Neonate CPR Training:

    Sensitive Accurate Feedback for Neonate CPR

    A full body baby manikin with an excellent look and feel. Accurate for even very low volumes of air. It features the award winning real time feedback system.

    • Depth, Rate,Release,
    • Too Deep, Hitting the Spine

    • Volume and Rate

    • Suitable for two hand
    • method and in arm method

    Results Management:
    • Review and Print
    • Class List with Scores
    • Export Results to Excel

    Mastering Low Volume Ventilations:

    Respiratory difficulties are common with neonates. This product is designed to provide practice on very small new born. The feedback clearly shows hyperventilation.

    With very low volumes and underdeveloped muscles for their airways, neonates provide a challenge to performing CPR. This manikin contains the sensors and accuracy to address these issues.

    • Very Low Volumes
    • Accurate Rate of Flow
    • Accurate Volumes
    • Sensitive to Pressure
    • Sensitive to Air Trapping

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